Matengo Flavour: Official Movie Trailer (2018)

Matengo Flavour (2018). A music documentary weaving intimate, acoustic performances throughout the heart-warming story of Tanzanian musician Adeson Nchimbi and his South African wife, Theresa, who relocated together from urban Cape Town to Adeson’s ancestral homeland in rural Tanzania. Adeson and Theresa moved with the goal of improving the quality of life for Adeson’s people through community projects but they find their initiatives are not as welcomed by the community as they had expected. The story is interwoven with Adeson’s personal journey to learn what he calls “organic music” from his traditional Matengo culture and Theresa’s personal journey to redefine what it means to live a “good life” without luxuries.

Credits: Producer, Director, Writer, Camera, Sound, Editing.

Women Bending the Curve_Poster Final.jpg

Women Bending the Curve on Climate Change: Official Movie Trailer (2018)

Women Bending the Curve on Climate Change (2018). Produced/Directed by Joanna Ashworth. Set in the context of the Paris climate change agreements, the documentary tells the stories of climate change leaders from Canada’s West Coast working in renewable energy, city government, energy conservation, community engagement, sustainable food, finance and indigenous land stewardship. Their inspiring stories explore how climate science, meaningful action and women’s collaborative leadership intersect to bend the curve on climate change. The time has never been more aligned with the central theme of this project: what happens when women’s power is unleashed to address the biggest threat to life on planet earth.

Credits: Principal videography, editing, sound design.

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